As lead sponsor of AMC television’s Memorial Day war movie marathon, CSX (the rail-based transportation company)  took the opportunity to honor military men and women in a unique and involving way. Based on the simple observation that all soldiers do pushups, Mullen developed the fully integrated Drop And Give Them 10 program. Through social, digital, print, broadcast and PR efforts, people were encouraged to do 10 pushups and share their experience. When they did, CSX gave $1 to Wounded Warrior Project. In a few days’ time, hundreds of thousands of pushups were donated by men, women, children, pets, U.S. Congressmen and NASCAR drivers.

Floor clings to promote campaign internally
Ad featured in The Hill—newspaper  published specifically for U.S. Congress in Washington D.C.  
Banner ads driving to DropAndGiveThem10.com
Employee t-shirts distributed with pre-printed pit stains
:15 TV spot aired on AMC network during weekend of event
Pushups 101 Tutorial featured on website
DropAndGiveThem10 Case Study
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