While it's difficult to imagine any upside to an errant grocery cart smashing into your driver's side car door, the fine people at Maaco would beg to differ. For eons, Maaco has been ranked North America's #1 paint and auto body shop, but the brand was looking for a fresh coat of paint. So, we did what any good humans would do: took their iconic "Uh-Oh, Better Get Maaco" tagline, threw it one of those violent paint mixer things and waited. What emerged was a glorious, original, and catchy ear worm (shot by acclaimed music video director Joseph Kahn), reminding people that they can keep living on the upside, no matter what life throws at them and their vehicles. 

AGENCY: mythic
CD/AD: Rob McKinnie
DIRECTOR: Joseph Kahn 
MUSIC: Duotone

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