"For some reason we seemed to become the poster child for excess. It’s easy to laugh about it now, but people said that buying a latte at Starbucks wasn’t smart. McDonald’s put up billboards saying that four dollars for a coffee is dumb."
—Howard Shultz, CEO of Starbucks, Harvard Business Review, July 2010
Taking on Starbucks in their own backyard was no easy task for the launch of McDonald’s premium coffee in Seattle. A place where the bean-wielding juggernaut outflanks McDonald’s 4-to-1. The strategy: Tap into unpretentiousness, a core value of Washingtonians, to create a backlash against coffee elitism. There, UnSnobby Coffee was born, starting with the media placement of an outdoor board right across the street from Starbucks’ headquarters which made the casual observation: four bucks is dumb. What followed was an integrated campaign that triggered Seattleites buying McCafe, over-delivering a trial goal by 173 percent, along with a silver Effie.
Break up with your barista over email, stage a coffee intervention on a fellow caffeinated snob, play a game of Hot Shot pinball, realize that ordering a cup of coffee doesn't require being fluent in Italian. 

College students generally operate on a small budget. College students generally live largely on snacks. This campaign set out to convince college students to abandon a bag of chips for something better. 

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