Research from the Washington State Department of Health clearly indicated that youth are now very well educated on the health consequences of smoking and are aware of various anti-smoking messages. In fact, they can even rattle off numerous ways smoking negatively impacts the body. Targeting at-risk 12 to 14 year olds, we came to the conclusion that a “smoking is bad for you” campaign would not work. So, for an age group and audience that revels in the disgusting, we did just that: developed a campaign and website that makes being gross the star. And because attractiveness and relationships are emerging priorities in this age group, that’s exactly where we went. The strategy: I wouldn’t even kiss a smoker with someone else’s mouth.
Director: BENT IMAGE LAB / Chel White

"Rec Room" 
Holographic bookmark
Postcard with removable, vinyl-cling stickers
Scratch-N-Sniff dirty sock postcard

The microsite navigated through the eyes of the doll head of your liking, featuring the Yuk Chuck Challenge (hurl gross items into your opponent's mouth), the Gross Gallery and educational information of the yuk-ness of cigarette smoking. 
"Gross Factor" 
:60 Radio
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